Deli Won Nigeria Presidential Election Bid for Three Consecutive terms

On November 12, Deli Group won the bid in Supplies Procurement for Nigeria Presidential Election in 2015, becoming the only stationery supplier getting access to procurement order for this presidential election. Deli won the favor of overseas countries and topped the election arena once again following the Iraq presidential election.

Taking advantage of the brand influence, competitive price, quality service and good reputation, Deli won the Nigeria presidential election for three consecutive times, becoming a preferred supplier for the election and making effective contribution to Nigerian political peace and democratic management.

The Supplies Procurement for Nigeria Presidential Election is to be completed by December 15. The rational planning saves time for the transportation link and ensures the distribution of supplies in the most economical way, which saves an air freight of $300,000 for Nigeria and wins highly approval and recognition from the Presidential Election Committee!

Recalling the recent achievements in the Nigerian market, we are proud not only because Deli brand enters the Nigerian market with superior quality, but also because of its brand influence among customers. Recently, more and more Nigerian customers take the initiative to contact with Deli for cooperation affairs. Deli has become the leader in the Nigerian stationary market. It has not only boarded the presidential election arena, but won the hearts of thousands of families!

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