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From 26 to 30 October, more than 100 dealers from over 50 countries around the world gathered in Ninghai to participate in "Join Hands for a Promising Future" Overseas Distributor Assembly 2014 held by Deli Group.

To give distributors a close understanding of Deli and establish a preliminary understanding of Deli production process among them, the company arranged a workshop visit. Distributors paid a visit to Huangtang Industrial Park mainly engaged in binding equipment, cutting tools and white board products and Xinling Industrial Park mainly engaged in comprehensive stationery, glue, adhesive plaster and all kinds of pens. Seeing the plant, workshop, assembly line and spare parts, they were amazed at the professional, standard and efficientquality of Deli Group. During the visit, one partner could not help but said "Deli’s production line is such spectacular. The plant is also very beautiful. It is more advanced and tidy than we have imagined."

Detailed marketing strategy explanation, professional product introduction, vivid sample display provide a good help for distributors to order on the site. More than 1,500 products of 10 major categories were shown on the ordering site. Partners made careful study in small groups, or discussed local market preferences, or gathered around the R & D staff to understand similarities and differences of products, or consult sales staff about the price and preferential policies. With the increasing of number of orders, R & D and marketing personnel also collected a lot of new information about customer needs, laying a solid foundation for development and sales that targeted to overseas market.

At the commendation conference, Lou Fu’an, the General Manager of Deli Group extended heartfelt thanks and warm welcome to overseas distributors, made an introduction on the research and innovation, brand building, market development and the planning on future international market development strategy of Deli Group. Xu Yun, Deputy Magistrate of Ninghai County expressed congratulations to the conference and showed sincere thanks to people of all works who give support for the development of Deli Group on behalf of Ninghai Party Committee and County People's Government. Xu Yun told Deli people to develop a bigger, stronger, superior Deli brand centering around the "hundred-year enterprise, ten billion scale" target and expand the market and scale and promote transformation with intensification, specialization and diversification as the direction and wished the conference would be held successfully. Yu Danhua, leader of Ningbo Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau made a speech on behalf of Foreign Trade Department and  Foreign Economic Cooperation Department, who spoke highly of the efforts and achievements made by Deli in the field of foreign trade and showed his confidence for Deli Group to march into the overseas market. Wang Yujing made a report on overseas market on behalf of Overseas Marketing Center, recalled the achievements made in the 2010 International Dealer Conference, proposed the strategies for Deli Group to meet with the current challenges and competition in overseas markets, shared the idea of cooperation partners, product force, marketing, brand strength, clarified the efforts to be made in aspects of product force, marketing, brand strength, listed typical cases, shared successful experiences in different markets to inspire new ideas among distributors.

To thank all partners for their long-time efforts and support, encourage and recognize outstanding distributors, Deli released the list of Best Growth Award and Best Partnership Award. 10 units accepted the award on the stage and made speeches. The representative of Office market, Best Growth Award winner, said excitedly, since the first meet in the Canton Fair in 2003, we started the first batch of order in 2004. Office market persisted in its cooperation with Deli brand for 10 years and developed it into a famous brand from a brand seldom known in Uzbek. This was both the achievement of Office market and Deli. I believed, in the future, with the in-depth cooperation with Deli, we would develop Deli brand into the leading brand in Uzbekistan stationery market. The representative of DUBAI LIBRARY, Best Cooperation Award winner, admitted, from the first encounter with Deli in the Canton Fair in 2006, our initial order received good response in the market. Since then, DUBAI LIBRARY began a long-term cooperation with Deli. In the eight years’ cooperation, DUBAI LIBRARY achieved a 25% annual growth in sales due to the professional, diligent, high-quality and cost-effective features of Deli. To this end, DUBAI LIBRARY is very grateful to Deli and its entire staff. DUBAI LIBRARY has great confidence to work with Deli to create greater glory in the Dubai market.

Under the joint efforts of all staff, overseas distributors conference was held successfully. Through this conference, distributors had a deeper and newer understanding of Deli. Deli also collected more ideas and needs from distributors. We can say that the conference played a positive role in promoting the relationship with each other and laid a solid foundation for the smooth cooperation in the future. This conference brought a steady stream of orders and showed a good sales momentum.

I believe, Deli partners will join hands to move towards the win-win road and develop the international markets with enthusiasm and confidence, which will usher in a bright future. Let us look forward to the next exciting reunion.

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