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Enterprise development is like sailing in the ocean, you must move forward, or else you’ll be left behind. The road ahead is full of challenges and the current route is full of competition. We have to keep a sense of crisis, and strengthen ourselves with changing and innovative thinking to meet the future storm.

                                                                                                                                                                        - Lou Fu’an


The advent of information age at the beginning of 2000s make Deli realized that management transformation and information integration was an inevitable trend for enterprise development. At this time, Deli put its focus to the international market and chooses to cooperate with IBM, the global information industry leader. Deli believed that IBM’s professionalism and strategic vision will boost it to a higher stage.

On December 1, 2012, the transition management and information technology project was started and Deli Project Team was established. This project involved various systems and attached great importance from the upper and lower lever of the group. The number of project participants also reached an unprecedented high. With the objective of cultivating outstanding management personnel, the group delivered the key user to the business backbone. They made careful research and tackled difficulties one after another in fields of management consulting, high-order design, blueprint design, data collection, system implementation, business training. Their confused sense of information technology had gradually faded and they became skilled and professional. One thousand personnel also participated in collecting data, giving out opinions to contribute their strength. After a year and a month, that was on January 1, 2014, we tasted the joy of harvest. The Phase I of SAP system successfully went on-line. Three months later, the celebrating drum sounded again, the Phase II of SAP system successfully went on-line. So far, Deli realized a comprehensive on-line operation.

To affirm the results, summarize the project and recognize the outstanding individuals, the group held a summary briefing for management transformation and information technology project on June 16, 2014. More than 90 staff attended the meeting, including department managers, key project users, plant managers and other executives.

Deputy General Manager Wu Fuzhong gave his summary report for the project. He said: "489 higher-order documents, organizational structures, authority tables, blueprint lists, user manuals and other documents are finished in the project. This is not a simple figure, but the results of painstakingly efforts of the project team in 565 days." Currently, SD marketing module, PP production module, MM procurement warehousing, and FICO financial module were running smoothly. Deputy General Manager Wu evaluated the project based on the key users of various modules and end-users and affirmed the advantages of the project: the establishment of a relatively complete organizational structure and decentralized systems; training and cultivating a number of middle management backbone; remodeling and renovating some original management ideas; optimizing and reorganizing business processes, and solidifying via SAP; breaking information silos to achieve supply chain integration, high concentration of business and finance. Meanwhile, the standardized SAP system also restricts the flexibility to adjust to the market to some extent. However, as Deputy General Manager Wu said, a big enterprise will set standardized operation as the development trend, so we need not to worry too much about it.

Speaking of the cooperation, Geng Chao, project manager, said: "Deli’s project goes smoothly, which is attributed to the trust of both sides and Deli’s efficient performance. Here, I’d like to give special thanks to for General Manager Lou and the project team for their tremendous support. Deli joined force with IBM and created a harmonious and win-win situation through mutual progress."

General Manager Lou fully affirmed the achievements made in the project. He said: "the implementation of management transformation and information technology project is a big step towards information technology for Deli. IBM boosts Deli to improve its core competitiveness with its professional skills and helps Deli realize efficient management and information integration. We believe Deli will have a brighter future!" General Manager Lou pointed out, the current stage is the solidification point of the project, and also the starting point for subsequent optimization. This is a continuous process. We must continue to track improvements in the process, strengthen the integration of SAP system and make it fit with Deli’s management concepts.

During the process of the project, there are a number of such people: they care for their own jobs and the project, without concept of getting off work. You always feel touched by their hardworking in the dark night; they dare to express their opinions facing with controversies and seek progress in discussion; facing with difficulties, they wrack their brains to solve them ... to give recognition to the outstanding staff and transfer positive energy, the group granted "Outstanding Project Members" title to Zhou Jianwei, Lv Wenjing, Ge Qixia, Wang Zhiqiong, Liu Jian, Ou Yang, Huang Xiuqin, Zhou Caichun, Hu Haijun and Jiang Liming. General Manager Lou awarded prized and expressed sincere thanks for their hardworking and their fight with Deli, which highlighted the charm of Deli people!












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