Deli Brand Strategic Upgrade Opens Grand Office Era


On April 17, news of C114 (reported by Zhang Hailong) the leading domestic office supplies brand –Deli held the brand strategic upgrade 2014 in Beijing and officially announced to upgrade its brand from "Deli Stationery" to "Deli Office”. The scope of business will also shift from a comprehensive range of stationery products to total office solution. Deli will conduct the layout of the whole industry chain and lead China stationery industry to the office era. 

Open the grand office era

A complete reproduction of the distinctive office space was shown on the conference site, vividly showing what “total office solution” is. Deli’s extensive product line and strong integration capabilities are fully demonstrated on the site.

Lou Fu’an, the General Manager of Deli Group said, "Enterprise development should adapt to changes in market and customer needs. Enterprises’ demands are no longer confined to stationery products. The market demand has shifted from the 'point' to 'industry chain'. Deli has strong R & D capabilities. Its sales channels cover more than 150 countries worldwide. Besides, it has rich brand marketing experience. We’ve made full preparation for the comprehensive upgrade of 'total office solution'. "

Yang Lan, the famous hostess and the spokesman of Deli brand, appeared on the conference site. Her wise and almighty elite image complements the professional, confident and comprehensive office brand image of Deli. Yang Lan said: "As the leader of the local stationery brand, Deli’s keen industry insight and international perspective touched me." She introduced the characteristics of the "grand office era" with a unique perspective: Deli integrates all aspects of the upstream and downstream of the office industry chain. Relying on its strong R & D and manufacturing capabilities, perfect sales networks and logistics and distribution system, it provides "one-stop" procurement solutions for enterprises.


The whole industry chain layout won the top rank

Long-term strategic vision and perseverance allows Deli to build the most extensive product line in the industry, establish the most complete sales and service network and set up the most influential brand. With a history of more than 20 years, Deli has maintained a 20% sales growth in recent years. Under the context of complex domestic macroeconomic situations and overall market economic austerity in the last year, it maintains a sales growth of up to 40%, an undoubted industry leader.

Deli has maintained a rapid development and keen market insight. It increases R & D innovation while expanding product categories. Currently, Deli has 3 major research institutions at home and abroad, 7 large R & D centers and an R & D team with 300 personnel. It has started the layout of computer supplies, IT peripheral products, office furniture, etc. The implementation of multi-category leadership strategy accelerates the comprehensive upgrade of Deli brand. The completion of the whole industry chain and "total office solution" has become the latest strategic direction of Deli Group.

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