Love Society Practice in Children's Day

                                                      -Deli social responsibility practice record


In order to better practice deli 6- love values, helping needy students improve their learning conditions, encouraging the best students to better their learning and make progress, deli launched a series of activities regarding love society successively. On the occasion of the arrival of the June 1 children's day, deli sent warmth to the students in Guizhou, Sichuan, Zhejiang and other places of difficulties, and planted the seeds of hope.

From May 25 to June 3, deli cooperated with more than 10 schools, 2000 students and donated nearly 200 thousand yuan caring supplies to practice the real action of "loving society" and bearing responsibility. Deli wove a colorful June 1 for the aid-receiving students.

When the students from poor families in Guizhou, those students suffered from earthquake in Sichuan and poor students in Ninghai East Primary School received the educational supplies, their faces were full of joy and gratitude, which made us feel warm and happy. When the migrant children in Ninghai Keda School saw the reconstruction of "love library" material, they all burst into cheers and the sound of surprise, which fully expressed the charm of knowledge and the meaning of this activity.Those students moved deli so much and gave deli more determination. When a group of excellent students from Yuexi Golden Key Hope Primary School, Huangtan Primary School and Xinlin Primary School stood in front of the deli scholarship team, they had already used their excellent grades in return for the infinite love that deli had given.

The truth of loving society lay in action; the truth of assuming responsibility lay in perseverance. Deli strode on the road of dedication, feeding back the society with real action, and delivering positive energy to the society.



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