Deli, as top 1 stationery and office brand in China and office brand leader in Asia, is now officially the stationery supply of 2016 G20 Summit in Hangzhou. The Chinese government invites Deli as the support of all stationery supply in Hangzhou as the huge brand awareness of DELI in China and globally to match the G20 Summit.


As a leading brand in China who represents the top quality, Deli serves the summit in very high standard quality and designs to show another NEW GENERATION of “Made in China”!

Gift bags in the Summit, Deli stationery are one of the main gifts representing “China Friendship Spirit”


In April 2016, Deli is designated as the main supply of stationery for the Summit. Deli Group Company founded a professional team to achieve the project very quickly on August 14th and provide these amazing “gifts” with the concept of the Summit that China gives: “The Green transformation of Global Economy” with great user experience and humanity. 

Deli Group Preparing the production of G20 stationery offers, from Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality control of the whole process


Deli G20 Summit Stationery Pack


Deli provided G20 Summit with 81 types of stationery covering writing, notebook, envelop, eraser, pencil pouch, writing matt, file folder, stationery bag and so on. A small G20 pack is now officially available in Deli on-line sales platform, which arise consumers’ enthusiasm of getting the stationery that is using by countries leaders in the Summit.

Stationery pack in G20 Summit


Stationery pack in G20 Summit


The Best Office Mate

G20, Advancing Prosperity of Global Economy

Deli, Devoting the Stationery of Tomorrow!

By Deli Group Company

Sept. 6, 2016

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