Deli Takes the Initiative to Care for the Elderly

Deli Group expresses greetings to "empty nest" elderly in Double Ninth Festival 2014


Double Ninth Festival is filled with a deep respect and love. On the morning of September 27, Deli Youth League and Deli Women's Federation went to Huangtan Nursing Home for the activity of caring for "empty nest" elderly. Half past eight, under the leadership of Zhou Caichun, President of Deli Women's Federation, more than thirty volunteers wearing culture shirts expressed solitude for the elderly and extended holiday wishes and greetings to them.

During the period, volunteers treated the elderly as their families, talking with them, helping them clean up the room, washing clothes, washing hair and cutting nails for them. All these deeds were to ensure that they would have a clean and comfortable living environment, allow them to feel the warmth and love from families, and spend a warm and happy Double Ninth Festival. Waves of laughter came from the elderly one after another. The whole nursing room was filled with joyful atmosphere.

Good time is always short. The elderly were reluctant to part with the volunteers when they were about to leave. An old lady took Xiao Cao's hand and said: "Deli is nice and so you are. You washed my hair and clothes, cleaned up room and sent things to eat and use for us, thank you ...". She couldn’t show her moving feelings between the lines.

As the saying goes, "Filial piety is the most important of all virtues." Deli volunteers reflect China’s traditional virtue of "respect, care, love and help the elderly" with their own actions, send the concern of Deli Group for the "empty nest" elderly, show solitude for them, transfer the positive energy of caring for the "empty nest" elderly , and make contributions to building a harmonious society.


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