Deli Group Donated RMB 2 Million to Boost New Developments in Education Cause

(Reporter by Liu Li) In the morning of July 8, the donation ceremony was held at the Group's headquarters building, Deli Group donated "Deli Education Fund" to Ninghai People's Education Foundation once again. The donor Lou Fu’an and the donee Chen Huancui signed the donation agreement. The two million Yuan education funds will be used in the Ninghai education affairs and the improvement of teaching conditions. So far, the "Deli Education Fund" had totaled RMB 20 million Yuan. At the event site, Deputy Governor Lou Daimin issued "Leading Enterprises, Messenger of Love" honorary certificate to Deli Group.

Deputy Governor Lou gave a high evaluation on Deli’s love story, as an leading enterprises in Ninghai, Deki did not forget to return to the community at all stages of development, especially in the economic downturn. It donated funds and materials for education cause and committed to social responsibilities. This not only reflects Deli’s sense of responsibility, but also highlights its social feelings. Deputy Governor Lou said, Deli is a great enterprise. It has been making dedications to the society and has donated more than RMB 20 million Yuan for education cause. Like the advertising slogan said, "it talks little, but do well." Deli has carried out various donation activities, such as assisting hundreds of impoverished high school students, hands in hands of impoverished college students, scholarship and teaching awards, love lunch donations, New Year’s dreams and greetings on Children’s Day. Dozens of schools and thousands of teachers and students benefit from these activities. Today, Deli donated RMB 2 million Yuan education fund to help more impoverished students to continue their education, encourage teachers to further improve the teaching level and improve teaching conditions of different schools, which is undoubtedly a good help for the development of education in Ninghai. Deputy Governor Lou expressed heartfelt thanks for Deli’s long-term support of the development of education in Ninghai and wished Deli to be bigger and stronger.

Jiang Shanqi, Leader of Ninghai Board of Education and Fu Hongming, President of Ninhai Middle School and other participants expressed heartfelt thanks to Deli for its respect for teachers and its donation activities. As the representative of the done, President Fu shared his own feelings while passing his gratitude: "Thanks to Deli, the teaching facilities and the environment of the kindergarten, elementary, middle and high schools are getting better and better. The increasing teaching level and growing student learning enthusiasm are closely related to the long-term support of Deli Group.”As with our school, as early as Fenghua College was established, Deli donated RMB 2 million Yuan for the construction of school buildings, installation of new facilities to help the school to solve difficulties of the shortage of teaching space and facilities, after which Deli organized various activities, such as assisting impoverished students, expressing solicitude to them and college connect. Aided teachers and students said that they would live up to the expectations of Deli and made the greatest efforts to run schools, improve the teaching level and return to Deli and the society with their achievements."

As of June 2014, Deli has donated more than RMB 60 million Yuan to social welfare affairs, covering charitable, educational, cultural, health care, environmental protection, new rural construction and a total of five water treatment projects, conveying love and making contributions for the development of public welfare.

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