Charity Is A Social Responsibility – Birth of 10 million "Deli Charity Fund"



To carry forward the traditional virtues of helping the poor with charitable deeds and provide support to the development of charity welfare, Deli Group Co., Ltd. signed "Deli Charity Fund" agreement with Ninghai Charity Assembly on August 19, 2009, marking the birth of RMB 10 million Yuan "Deli Charity Fund". This fund is specifically used for social charity welfare recognized by Deli Group and Charity Assembly.

As a member of the society, Deli Group's development is inseparable from the help and support of the society. As a responsible enterprise, Deli Group is obliged to return to the society to its utmost. Deli Group has been actively participated in social welfare undertakings for so many years. While creating value for the enterprise, is has always focused on corporate social responsibility, and has made remarkable achievements in assisting students, helping the vulnerable, poverty alleviation, charitable donations, etc. It has set up the People's Education Fund and donated more than RMB 8 million of teaching equipment, office supplies, school supplies to teachers and students in Xinjiang, Sichuan, Guizhou and other remote schools; donated nearly RMB 2 million Yuan for new rural construction, Geriatrics Society construction, bridge and road construction. Deli Group has always abided by this concept: wealth is from society, the value of wealth may be reflected only by returning back to the society. Therefore, in order to return to the society more actively and effectively and carry forward the traditional Chinese virtues, Deli Group took the initiative to contact with Charity Assembly and decided to set up the RMB 10 million "Deli Charity Fund".

The establishment of "Deli Cherity Fund" has been supported by Ninghai Charity Assembly, who provides a platform for Deli to return to the society, so that more disadvantaged groups may enjoy the help. The establishment of "Deli Cherity Fund" has won praise from Ninghai Charity Assembly and people of all works of life. As the President of Ninghai Charity Assembly said, "the good deed of Deli Group promotes the development of Ninghai titled charitable funds, having a profound impact on carrying forward traditional Chinese virtues and developing charity undertakings. It means Deli Group pays attention to credibility and having a loving heart; it is well-known and enjoys much reputation."

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