Build Forest City and Share Green Home - Deli Group Donated 1 Million Green Funds

Afforestation is an ecological and economic public welfare with social benefits. It is a big matter for the construction of ecological civilization and for the benefit of future generations, having great practical significance and far-reaching historical significance for the construction of a better living environment. Recently, to respond positively to the construction of "Forest Ninghai" initiative, Deli Group donated RMB 1 million Yuan for the construction of "Forest Ninghai" with six local companies to make contributions to building a green home. At the same time, Deli carried out "planting trees, preserving green, loving green and developing green" civilized activities within the group, requiring all employees to start from themselves, from now on, from the care of every small tree, each piece of green land, and strive to become a green messenger of civilization, to make the sky bluer, the land greener, the mountain more beautiful and the water clearer.

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