Light up Your Dream with Love -----Deli’s Financial Aid to One Hundred High School Students

On November 28, accompanied by Lin Genmiao and Tong Zunyi (Vice-chairmen of the Ninghai Charity Federation), the Deli Dream Boosting Team formed by You Junwei (Executive Vice-president of the Deli Group), Wu Weiguo (Party Secretary) and Yan Yafei (Chairman of the Trade Union) went to the Roushi High School, the Zhi’en High School, the Ninghai High School and the Zhengxue High School in two groups to carry out the 2014 financial aid to one hundred high school students by donating RMB 150,000 of dream fund and RMB 10,000 of stationery to them.

In order to ensure the normal schooling of those students, the Dream Boosting Team organized the financial aid during the break, with different arrangements for different schools. At 13:10, as expected by the 25 students, the first group, led by Secretary Wu, arrived at the venue in the Roushi High School. They had a brief talk with those students to show the Deli leaders’ great concern about all the students. Delivered by the dream ambassador, the loving "Deli Subsidy" and Deli stationery were passed to the hands of each student. After a simple gathering, the group went to the Zhi’en High School to send winter blessing and spread the warmth of hope to the another 20 students without any stop.

Led by Mr. You and Mr. Yan, the second group arrived at the Ninghai  High School at 13:40, waiting for the 20 students to finish their class. Those students arrived at the conference room in succession to have a good talk with the group. To better understand the actual situation of those students, Mr. You communicated with several students and teachers, ranging from their daily meals to their family situation. Since all the three members of Mr. You’s family were alumni of this school, he expressed his sentiment and encouraged all students to study hard, so as to overcome short-term difficulties and change their lives with knowledge and learning. After that, the second group left here with reluctance for the Zhengxue High School. As the major beneficiaries of this activity, the 35 township high school students had more expectations on this activity. Perhaps due to the fact that they were from the countryside and that their families were poorer, these students were more thoughtful, more thrifty and more diligent with intense sense of gratitude. After the simple grant distribution ceremony, a student representative took the initiative to have a talk with Mr. You and passed student voices to Deli representatives, "We are grateful for Deli’s help and support. These grants reduce our families’ economic pressure and thus enable us to study with ease. Here, we would like to tell the Deli staff that we would study hard to pay back to Deli and the community …"

These simple words touched the hearts of all people on the site as well as those caring people. As is known to us, most impoverished students are from the sick families. But the current benefiting policy cannot cover all of the population. So some families are still in a difficult state, which requires more people to participate in the social welfare undertakings. We should help more people with our action and ignite the hope of happiness with our love. More than 300 high school students were aided in the activity of "Deli’s Financial Aid to One Hundred High School Students" and completed their study in high schools. Dozens of students became the beneficiaries of Deli’s "Financial Aid from Undergraduate Students" and established a 7-year-long relationship with Deli. They will walk towards a new life under the warm support of Deli.

The philanthropic act of Deli passes out the love's strength to the society and highlights the courage of an enterprise to shoulder responsibilities, which warms the hearts of the beneficiaries. This is Deli, which speaks little but does a lot; it is a welfare messenger that lights up your dream with love and action. We are proud of working in Deli and being the Deli staff! 

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